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tv   Interview Angela Speck on the Solar Eclipse  CSPAN  August 17, 2017 10:14pm-10:25pm EDT

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importantly we have books in the corner [inaudible] [applause]
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>> the director of astronomy and cochair of the astronomical society. professor, this course has been working more than a year to prepare the american people for the total solar eclipse on monday. what kind of work have you been doing a. when you say there's going to be this migration of people in all the towns that can see the total eclipse that can be ready people look at you funny. it's the department of tourists
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and visitors and educational opportunity. we make the most of this and there are some safety issues. there's a few different things. first it is happening and it's one of those things why do people climb mount everest and go to the grand canyon, because it's there and it's one of those things you should see in your life and now we have this one that's coming across the u.s. and it's an opportunity to engage with people in science in an atypical way. i'm guessing a lot will not see me as the stereotypical image. most people have ideas and we can really draw on getting people excited about science and
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then what we need right now. >> what do you hope people learn or take away from monday's total solar eclipse? >> overall, what i would like people to see is the world is an amazing place. this is a way of drawing them into that. what will people see? >> it depends on where they are because the country will see a partial eclipse but let's concentrate on the path of totality. if you are on this band that goes from oregon to south carolina 70 miles wide.
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in the last 20 minutes of the partial eclipse it moves right before that about 20 minutes out the sky is going to go to dusky colors that start behaving weirdly in the final round making lots of noise and then it goes dark. i have my own up here coming from around so it looks like a hole in the sky then you have streamers flowing off of it.
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it's going to be [inaudible] there's so much to see during the eclipse. but it's more than that. it's also something you feel. it can get colder by 10 degrees. it's no less safe than any other day. it's dangerous to get the sun every day.
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we need to make sure your protective eyewear called eclipse glasses or using a pinhole camera. people will have made the same school when they were younger. you shouldn't look directly at the sun any day and that is true on eclipse today as well. >> what kind of data are they collecting and how will it be used? we can see the corona and the only way we can see the lower portion of that india clips, we can't fake an eclipse. we can do something like it but it really closes in around the sun. now occasionally it comes toward
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the earth and can affect communication and electricity grids but we don't yet fully understand it so what people are going to be collecting the nice thing about this is although in any given place you don't get more than two and a half minutes of darkness we are able to do with all the way around the path in oregon and south carolina so that we were able to then get 90 minutes of what is it doing a -- so that is the main astronomy going on but there's also experiments to do with general relativity. there are experiments on how the atmosphere behaves. we don't just get to shut off the sunlight we get to see what happens.
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>> how excited are you and why do you think americans are excited about this? >> i think people are genuinely excited. if you look on the social media you can see there are so many jokes. most people never see once and now this is coming in the last one we had in the mainland u.s. was 38 years ago. the last one that went coast-to-coast was kind of a mixture of i might not get to see this again so i think people are excited and when they realize they are seeing things they normally would not get to see a thing that makes them super excited. it's also a little bit like the grand canyon is cool and you see a picture of it but when you do
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it's kind of like that but it has a volcano in the middle and bus guat the sky and that is whe eclipse is like. >> what is your favorite part of watching the eclipse? >> things you can't see otherwise over the weekend see what we would see during the day in august. the only thing you can see a disturbing and eclipse so it is the only opportunity. the other thing i didn't mention is that he also get all the way around the horizon and we get sunset colors. you see that normally driving west but now it goes all the way around.
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>> thank you for your time. >> thank you. good afternoon.


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